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From the resurfacing of remote airstrips up north to comprehensive resealing programs in the Mid West region, from construction sealing at Merredin to supply and spray work at Yilgarn Shire, COLAS West Australia deploys specialist teams with the most modern fleet of bitumen Sealing equipment to all corners of the state…

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With increasing focus on sustainable procurement Colas microsurfacing solutions offer a cold applied, low carbon alternative, compared to the conventional hot surfacing treatments. By reducing the output of energy, emissions and waste, Colas are able to aid clients in significantly lowering their carbon footprint.

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Sealcoat is a surface sealant designed to extend the life of existing bituminous runways, taxiways and aprons. By combining Sealcoat’s high adhesive characteristics with polymer modifiers and varied quantities of solid to suit the condition of individual airport pavements, Sealcoat will eliminate foreign object damage…

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Bitument Transport

COLAS West Australia is able to deliver hot bitumen, polymer modified blends, or bitumen emulsion using our tanker service to any destination in Western Australia. We are able to deliver product in the following:
B-Double tanker – approx capacity 32,000 litres
Tri-Axle tanker – approx capacity 25,000 litres
Bitumen sprayer plus large Dog…

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Production Information

More Information about our products is available on request. Click the link below and email us a request.

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