ColClair S

Thanks to its special light-coloured synthetic bitumen, ColClair S is designed to make road surfacing with a wide variety of colours: red, green, blue, yellow, etc.

Pigments make it possible to create a full range of hues and shades.

ColClair S plays an active role in making towns and cities more attractive, safer and more comfortable for users.

Col Clair S is tailor-made for urban development, construction and rehabilitation projects. Its main advantages:

  • Better city living given that the coloured surfaces become a vital part of the site’s architecture
  • Better integration as the coloured surfaces can be selected to blend in perfectly with their environment
  • Better safety because the users are alerted by simple colour codes which clearly delimit both prohibited and mandatory traffic zones thus avoiding conflict between different modes of transport

ColClair S adds a touch of colour to your route

ColClair S can be used in a wide variety of projects: pedestrian passages, traffic medians, bike paths, mass transit landed, parking areas, tunnels, alleyways in parks, footpaths, squares, playgrounds, schoolyards, athletic fields, train station platforms, private lanes, access ways into towns, intersections etc.

Backed by a tight network of industrial facilities and ISO 9002 certified work centres, Colas can manufacture and apply the best choice of surfacing in full compliance with current professional standards.

For cold techniques: synthetic bitumen emulsion. The binders rheological characteristics are very similar to conventional bitumen with equivalent penetration values.

Mineral and organic pigments are used in powder and paste form. conventionally the amount of pigment varied from 0% (natural colour) to 2%.

Similar to conventional bituminous products

Special care is taken at each step of the manufacturing process to ensure that the coloured product is not polluted by any black binder.

During the application process, Colas follows the instructions in its Quality Manual to ensure compliance with the characteristics selected during the design phase and specially adapted to t local conditions.

ColClair S complies with the main European requirements covering mechanical resistance stability and safety in use as defined in decree no. 90-647 dated July 8 1992

Health, safety and environment: ColClair S does not contaminate run-off water and does not give off any toxic gas or fumes

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