COLMAT L is a specially formulated quick set cationic polymer modified bitumen emulsion designed to be used in COLMAT L Microsurfacing System, a Colas microsurfacing application.


The functional properties of COLMAT L Microsurfacing System are to:




  • Enhance surface roughness and micro texture of the pavement
  • Protect underlying surfaces from moisture damage by reducing water ingress
  • Improve durability of the pavement by preventing the oxidation of the binder in the underlying surface


COLMAT L emulsion is manufactured from bitumen that complies with the requirement of the Australian Standards AS2008 and has the following test properties

Emulsion PropertiesMethodLimitsResults
Residue from evaporation %AS/NZS 2341.2360min64.0
Sieve residue, 710 um, %AS/NZS 2341.260.25max0.01
Viscosity @ 60C, mPasAS 2341.4TBR50.0
pH @ 25CAS/NZS 2341.32TBR3.58
Particle ChargeASNZS 2341.22PositivePositive