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ColMat L

COLMAT L is a specially formulated quick set cationic polymer modified bitumen emulsion designed to be used in COLMAT L Microsurfacing System, a Colas microsurfacing application…

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Thanks to its special light-coloured synthetic bitumen, ColClair S is designed to make road surfacing with a wide variety of colours: red, green, blue, yellow, etc. Pigments make it possible to create a full range of hues and shades. ColClair S plays an active role in making towns and cities more attractive, safer and more comfortable for users…

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A pavement is only as good as its foundation-base. Traditionally, road bases have been prepared for surfacing with prime coats to protect the granular base during construction and help reduce dust. Prime seals provide a good bond between the underlying base and hot mix asphalt overlays. On low volume roads, they bond the base to spray seals or other thin surfaces, which might otherwise delaminate. As traffic increases these treatments serve well as foundations for staged construction of future overlays…

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Using recycled materials from non-petroleum-based sustainable resources, EcoPatch® is a superior performing alternative for pavement repairs. Unlike traditional “Cold Mix” asphalts, EcoPatch® offers an environmentally friendly solution to conventional cutback cold mixes whose volatile solvents present hazards to both the users and the environment…

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Sealcoat is a surface sealant designed to extend the life of existing bituminous runways, taxiways and aprons. By combining Sealcoat’s high adhesive characteristics with polymer modifiers and varied quantities of solid to suit the condition of individual airport pavements, Sealcoat will eliminate foreign object damage…

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